Home inspections are essential for learning about possible issues and damage on a property. They capture details about the home with images and videos. However, if the roof is unsafe to walk on or has areas that are steep and inaccessible, the inspection might not be as complete as it should be. Aerial drones in home inspections are the solution to this problem.

There are dangers associated with traditional roof inspections, including ladder accidents, collapsing roofs, and falls. Drones eliminate the risks and offer relatively new technology for safer home inspections. Drones also are a more efficient way to inspect roofs, so if you are a home buyer waiting for the inspector, this tool can save you time.

It’s a good idea to find a home inspector with a drone when you need a home inspection. Here are some benefits to using drones in home inspections:

Drones Can Access Hard to Reach Areas

Drones can take photos of areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Drones capture high-resolution, detailed images that document potential issues that need to be addressed. Without a drone, it is often impossible to take close-up, detailed photos of a particular area. This means that a serious issue with the shingles, gutters, or flashing could be missed.

Any Type of Roof Can Be Inspected

Drones are safer for inspecting roofs than traditional methods. They minimize risks because drones can conduct full inspections without the home inspector having to climb onto the roof. Inspections of steep, high, and unstable roofs can be performed by drones. If your inspector doesn’t have a drone, the standards of practice dictate that unsafe and inaccessible roofs do not need to be inspected. You may to hire a separate specialized contractor to find out the condition of the roof. Save yourself money and time by finding a home inspector with a drone.

Drones in Home Inspections Make Sure the Roof Gets Included

Drones for home inspections are best to use specifically for roof inspections when they are unsafe or inaccessible. They produce high-resolution images of hard to reach areas on the roof or other areas of the home that are difficult to see. As a bonus, the inspector can take photos and videos of the entire property and surrounding land.

When searching for a home inspector, it’s best to select one that has access to a drone so that there are no limitations to the inspection.

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