Completing easy home renovations is a simple and fun way to revitalize the look of your existing décor without costing you a fortune. By adding a few colorful touches to living areas, applying fresh paint to old chairs and tables, and changing up your curtains, you can quickly transform any room. Here are four impactful home renovations you can do over a weekend.

Tips for Easy Home Renovations

Thinking outside the box is essential when it comes to easy home renovation ideas. Some of the best ways to give your rooms new life include exchanging your outdated cabinet hardware, using curtains, and painting walls, ceilings, and trim.

Get Creative with Curtains

Curtains are versatile and can be hung on walls without windows or draped around bedroom headboards. Bold colors create dramatic visual effects. Sheer curtains hung behind accent tables and chairs provide dimension and texture. Long curtains that hang to the floor make smaller windows look larger.

Add Some Color to Your Décor

Adding some color to your existing décor is an excellent way to give any room more visual interest. Select a few key pieces like a unique chair in a complementary or contrasting color to the walls. Use an eye-catching rug to attract attention to the center of your living or dining room. You can also select accent pieces in a spectrum of different hues that match your current color scheme to give the rooms of your home more depth.

Easy Home Renovations with Paint

Paint is the most versatile piece that you have in your home renovation toolbox. With a simple splash of color, or a soothing neutral grey or beige, you can freshen up the doors in your home. If you prefer to keep your doors as they are, a coat of fresh paint on the walls goes a long way to changing the entire mood of your main living and secondary rooms.

Paint the ceiling to create an accent point or simply cover up discolored areas that have appeared over the years. You can also paint tables and/or chairs to incorporate color throughout the room and liven up dull spaces by changing the color of your baseboards and molding.

Update the Hardware in Your Kitchen & Bathrooms

Updating the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms is a simple and inexpensive way to completely transform them. Switching out old cabinet handles and drawer knobs with modern hardware will give these areas a clean, contemporary look. If you prefer a vintage or farmhouse feel, hardware with a porcelain overlay is a great choice.

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