Homeowners can prevent house fires by taking a few simple precautions. By following these fire safety tips for the home, you’ll reduce your chances of sustaining injury and loss due to a house fire.

Follow These Fire Safety Tips For The Home

One: Install a High-Quality Smoke Detector On Every Floor

Fire prevention experts recommend placing multiple smoke detectors in every home. By installing these useful devices, you’ll get the earliest possible warning about smoke or fire. Today, many monitored home security systems link to smoke detectors, allowing property owners to keep a close watch over their premises even during their absence.

Detectors should be in every bedroom and hallway that attaches to bedrooms, and in or near the kitchen and laundry room. Make sure that if you live in a multiple level home, there is at least one installed on every floor. Test and replace the batteries frequently.

Two: Invest in Fire Extinguishers

Place fire extinguishers in easy to reach places around the residence. Since accidental kitchen fires account for over a quarter of the household fires in the United States, one should be kept in the kitchen. Like smoke detectors, at least one fire extinguisher should be placed on every floor of the residence.

Fire safety tips for the home includes homeowners knowing how to use every fire extinguisher on the property. Manufacturers produce different grades of these devices so that the equipment works effectively against specific types of fires.

For example, in the United States, consumers will find different classes of fire extinguishers. Some extinguishers address only one type of blaze, such as an electrical fire, while others will function effectively against multiple types of fires. Strategically place the appropriate kind of fire extinguisher based on the risk in a certain room.

Three: Clean Out Your Dryer Lint Trap With Every Use

One home fire risk is your clothes dryer. Lint from a clothes dryer is flammable and can start a house fire if it builds up. Always remember to clean the lint from the lint trap every time you do laundry. Clean out the dryer vent annually or hire a professional to do it for you.

A Smart Investment in Essential Fire Safety Tips For The Home

By following common-sense measures, homeowners can enjoy greater peace of mind. Using basic safety precautions helps reduce the chance of a fire endangering the property and its residents.

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