Appliances are important components of any home because they are expensive and essential. Fortunately, most major appliances have long lifespans and are durable. However, when an appliance malfunctions or breaks, you have to make the decision whether to pay for a repair or replace it entirely. When you know home appliance lifespans, it’s easier to make this call when you’re in a pinch.

Replace or Repair?

Most appliance repairs will cost anywhere from $50-$300 dollars, but purchasing a brand new one can cost one thousand or more. If your appliance is almost at the end of its lifespan anyway, it doesn’t make sense to pay for repairs. Purchase a new one that will give you a decade or more of use. New appliances are more energy-efficient.

Home Appliance Lifespans: How Long Can Major Appliances Last?

Stoves and Ovens

You rely on the stove and oven in your kitchen to cook food. Your stove and oven’s lifespan partially depends on its energy source. A gas range can last around 15 years before it needs replacing. An electric stove has an average lifespan of 13 years.


Most modern refrigerators can last up to 13 years with proper maintenance. A compact fridge is likely to last for 9 years.


A dishwasher’s expected lifespan is shorter compared to other appliances. It is used frequently in most households and experiences a lot of wear and tear. Expect a 9-year lifespan for your dishwasher.


A microwave is a convenient device to warm food in minutes. Similar to the dishwasher, a microwave’s lifespan is only 9 years.

Washing Machine

Washing machines have made washing clothes easier and more convenient. Most modern washing machines can last around 10 years.


If your washer does not come with a dryer, then you can purchase one separately. A dryer has a slightly longer lifespan compared to its washing machine counterpart. Whether it’s a gas or electric machine, expect around 13 years of use.

How to Increase Home Appliance Lifespans

You can easily extend your appliance lifespans with these easy tips. Regular maintenance can help you save money while getting the most out of your appliances.

Regularly Clean Your Appliances

One simple way of caring for your appliances is by regularly cleaning them. Keeping your appliances clean helps them operate better.

Regular Maintenance Check-Ups to Improve Home Appliance Lifespans

To maintain your appliances’ quality, do regular maintenance check-ups. This includes replacing parts and checking if something is not working right.

Try Fixing Before Replacing

If you notice your appliance is not working like it used to, look at the manual and troubleshoot it according to the instructions. If the appliance is not at the end of its lifespan, it is probably worth fixing instead of replacing.

Buy Brand New

If you do need to replace your appliance, buy a new model. A used appliance is cheaper, but you run the risk of it breaking. New appliances usually come with a warranty and are more energy-efficient.

Caring for your appliances can make them last longer than their expected lifespan. With proper maintenance, you can prevent unexpected appliance breakdowns.

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