If you’re a homeowner, you know what a big responsibility owning a home is. Selling your home is difficult for both sentimental reasons and because of all the work it takes. Use these 5 easy steps for guidance on how to sell a house quickly.

How to Sell a House With a Real Estate Agent

Hire a professional real estate agent when selling or buying real estate. They will help you negotiate with the buyer and give you advice and tips on how to sell a house quickly.

Price Your Home to Sell

A professional real estate agent will help you price your home fairly and objectively. They can guide you and assist you in pricing your home compared to other sales in the area. You don’t want to overprice your home, but you do want to price it competitively and maximize your profits.

How to Sell a House: Have a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

To expedite the process of selling your home, be proactive and schedule your own home inspection before listing. By doing so, you’re able to find out if there are any underlying issues in the home. You’ll have time to fix any pending issues in the home and be ready to show the home to a potential buyer.

Stage Your Home

A professional and reputable staging company will bring in furniture and decor to stage your home. Staging a home shows off its best features and helps potential buyers envision living there. A staging professional knows to keep the color palette neutral and take down any family photos in the home. This helps potential buyers feel comfortable in your home.

List the Home

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork, it is time to list the home. Your agent will help you highlight the best parts of the house so that it will stand out to home buyers. The listing will be posted to home selling websites and your agent will also promote it within his or her network.

After you’ve made the preparations to sell the home, the waiting begins. The average time to sell a home varies depending on many factors, including the market. The key to selling your home is being patient and staying in communication with your real estate agent.

Lakeland Home Inspection Service provides pre-listing inspections to home sellers in Central Florida. Contact us to schedule an inspection.