Moving requires a lot of effort. In addition to packing and saying your goodbyes, you also have to stop utilities at your old address and turn them on at your hew home. Knowing how to set up utilities helps you make a smoother transition when moving.

If this is the first time you’ve ever had the bills in your name, there are some things to know about establishing accounts with the different utility providers in the area. Use this short but complete guide whenever you have questions about the set-up process. Each utility company is different, yet most require the same steps to establish an account with them. They also ask for the same types of documentation and proof of residency.

How to Set Up Your Utilities, Step-by-Step

The steps you’ll need to take to set up your utilities are highlighted below. Follow the order so you don’t forget to do something important in the process. For example, stop service at your old residence before turning on utilities at your new home.

How to set up utilities step-by-step:

  • Find out which companies provide service in the area. The city that you’re moving to should list utility providers on its website.
  • Look for the information up to four weeks in advance. If you’ve never had utilities in your name, you may want to confirm with someone else in the area which service providers are available for you to set up accounts with.
  • Contact the providers to stop and start service. If you have the same utility companies providing service to your new home, schedule new service and give a date to stop service at your former residence. Do this at least two weeks before moving.
  • Confirm that the utilities are connected just before or on the day of the move. You’ll know instantly if there isn’t a utility available because you won’t have access to it.

Now you know how to set up utilities. The next section explains deposits and documentation.

What You Need to Give to the Utility Companies to Establish Service

There are five types of utilities that most homes need. They are electricity, natural gas, water and sewer, cable and internet, and trash collection.

Many utility companies require a security deposit from you to get service turned on in your name for the first time. This helps the company protect itself in the event that you don’t pay your bill before moving. Find out how much the deposit is in advance so you can properly budget for it.

Contact the customer service department of the company directly or check their website to see if the information is listed. You’ll often find a list of documents or required identification needed to set up an account. The utility company requires proof of who you are and a deposit to prevent itself from losing money on accounts closed because of non-payment.

Be Comfortable in Your New Home

Setting up the utilities in your new home shouldn’t frustrate you. Now that you know exactly how to set up utilities, you can confidently cross it off your to-do list. On your first day of living at your new residence, you will be able to turn on lights, use water, and set the thermostat.

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