Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

A home inspection helps a buyer understand the condition of a home. During the inspection, the inspector will check for and report on any problems and safety concerns in the house. Any issues documented in the home inspection may be used for negotiations during the sales process.

Structural Damage

A house’s structural components include the foundation, slab, crawlspace, framing, and walls. During construction or while renovating, rafters, joists, and trusses can sometimes be mistakenly cut, causing structural damage.

Natural disasters like floods, sub-standard construction practices, and poor drainage can also negatively affect the house’s structural design. Have a professional home inspector assess the property. He or she will make notes about any potential problems with the structure.

Roofing Issues Found During Home Inspections

Roof problems that are commonly discovered during home inspections include:

  • Leaks
  • Missing tiles and broken or loose shingles
  • Loose nail heads
  • Roof discoloration

If the home is a new build and still under warranty, repairs will likely be covered by the builder. If it’s an older home and the roof has not been properly maintained or is failing, there may be signs of water damage on the rafters, insulation, sheathing, and other parts of the attic.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the seller may choose to make the repairs or renegotiate the listing price if the house needs a new roof.


Plumbing issues can range from a leaking sink to the entire plumbing system needing repairs or complete replacement. Even a small leak can cause mold growth and damage to the surrounding structures.

Depending on the age of the property, the inspector will check to see if the house has polybutylene pipes, which were banned in 1995. The inspector will note any leaks or plumbing issues in the inspection report.

Electrical Issues Found in Home Inspections

Many fires in the home are caused by faulty electrical wiring. When purchasing a home, hire an experienced inspector to assess the condition of the electrical system. Older houses like those built in the 1970s generally have outdated wiring and may need a complete wiring update.

During the home inspection, all lights and electrical outlets will be tested to guarantee they are working safely. Your inspector may find problems like flickering lights or malfunctioning power outlets, and he or she will note areas where GFCI outlets should be installed to improve safety.

HVAC System

Major issues found during inspections of the heating and cooling system include improper installation of duct-work, unchanged air filters, and poorly sealed duct-work. These problems can make the whole system work inefficiently and contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Common Issues Found In Home Inspections

Items may appear on the home inspection report that are a result of normal wear and tear in the property. Some issues found by the inspector will be considered major. When buying a home, know that costly repairs and renovations may slow the sales process.

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