Keep your Deck Safe for Maximum Enjoyment

With warmer days and Spring in sight, it’s time to start thinking about the condition of your deck. You want your deck to be a spot for friends and family to gather, which means you need to take the necessary measures to keep your deck safe for your entire family, including your pets. Here are some helpful tips for making sure that your deck can be safely enjoyed by your kids and your four-legged family members.

Keep the Door to your Deck Locked

You should never leave small children unattended while on your deck; keeping the door locked is a good first step toward making sure that this never happens. Install a lock high enough that your kids can’t reach it.

Create Pet-Friendly Shade Spots

Your dog adores you and wants to be wherever you are. This can cause problems because your pet is likely to come out on the deck even when it’s too hot in the Florida sun. You’re not the one running around barefoot, so try putting the backside of your hand down on the floor of your deck. If you can’t keep it there comfortably for five seconds, it’s too hot for your pup’s paws. Put up an umbrella, a large potted plant, or a retractable awning to create areas of shade for your furry friend. Another popular alternative is a shade sail, which is affixed to different points on your deck.

Pay Attention to your Railings

Your deck’s railings need to be kept in great shape, so check them often for damage to keep your deck safe. If you find anything wrong with your railings, don’t let anybody go out on your deck until it’s been fixed. Measure the space between your railing’s spindles; it should be less than 3 inches wide. Anything more is enough to let kids or pets fall through or find themselves trapped. If your spindles are too far apart, use a non-canvas, UV-resistant railing cover.

Have a Gate at the Top of the Stairs

Having a gate is an important precaution, remember that a gate won’t necessarily keep your kids and pets safely inside. Avoid using gates with horizontal bars, and don’t keep furniture anywhere near the gate. There are all sorts of ways for your little one to climb up and over.

Only Keep Non-Toxic Plants on your Deck

You can’t trust a plant by its appearance. Some very beautiful plants can be harmful to people and animals if ingested or even touched. Check out this guide from the National Capital Poison Center to see which plants are safe to decorate your deck with.

Grill with Care

Your grill is likely located on your deck. Move it out of high-traffic areas and be sure that the Grill Master is paying attention the entire time that it’s hot. You’ll also want to keep the catch basin well out of the way of your pet (who is likely licking his chops).

Get Down on your Hands and Knees

Have you ever thought about taking a kid’s or pet’s eye view of things? Once you’re low to the ground, you’ll find splinters, nails, and anything else that may cause harm to your child or pet. Make this a regular practice and you’ll be able to find issues before they turn into disasters.

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