If you try to keep your home healthy and safe, you might be concerned about the chemicals present in commercially-produced cleaning products. Spray cleaners for countertops, floors, wooden furniture, and glass may contain harmful VOCs that affect indoor air quality. Cleaning supplies made at home are as effective as the products you buy at your grocery store. However, you’ll spend less money and know exactly what goes into each product when you make your own natural household cleaners.

Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Stores have been running low and hand sanitizer is becoming more expensive. However, you can make your own with a few simple ingredients. Save your hand sanitizer bottles and refill them as needed with this mixture.

Use two parts rubbing alcohol and one part aloe vera gel. Purchase 100% aloe gel. Add a drop of a gentle essential oil if you prefer a mild scent. The alcohol kills germs and the aloe gel moisturizes the skin. Stash a bottle in the car, in purses, and in backpacks for quick sanitizing anytime water and soap aren’t available.

All-Purpose Natural Household Cleaners

All-purpose cleaner is a great everyday product for quickly wiping up. It’s easy to make and simple to use. Mix a few ingredients into a spray bottle. Use equal parts white vinegar and water. Add essential oils. A drop or two of tea tree and eucalyptus is a great combination. This cleaner can be used to cut through grime and disinfect kitchen surfaces. Don’t use a vinegar-based cleaner on granite countertops.

Natural Furniture Cleaner

Create your own non-toxic furniture polish. This product is safe in households with children and pets. Only mix a small amount at a time, as this natural cleaning product will only keep for a few days in the refrigerator. Blend together 1 cup of olive oil, 1 cup of white vinegar, and the juice from one lemon. Lemon is useful throughout the home and helps remove stains. The oil will condition the wood. To use this cleaner, dip a cloth in the mixture and rub, following the wood grain. After cleaning, wipe the furniture down with a clean, dry cloth to absorb any remaining oil.

You can make cleaning supplies for your home using ingredients you already have in the cabinets. Make sure you label any homemade cleaners with the ingredients so there is never a question about what’s in the bottle.

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