When buying a new piece of property, you want to make sure that the building is safe and structurally sound. It is just as important to know that the land is free of dangerous contamination that may affect people’s health and your ability to resell. The standards for the phase 1 environmental site assessment have been set by the EPA. Order a phase 1 environmental site assessment to learn about the condition of the land.

Why are Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments Necessary?

This assessment is required by the EPA for the sale of commercial properties. It can also be performed on residential properties if there is a reason for concern, like an underground oil tank on the property or an industrial plant nearby. It is critical to learn about land and water contamination before closing on the purchase of a property.

Soil Contamination

Soil contamination on a property is a serious problem. Soil contamination often occurs when there has been an underground oil tank leak. Other causes include waste disposal, agricultural runoff, acid rain, and industrial accidents. Soil contaminants harm ecosystems and are unhealthy to live around. There are cleanup options, but they are complicated and costly.

Groundwater Quality

Groundwater becomes polluted from improper waste disposal and leakage. When pollutants seep into the groundwater, they create a contaminated plume in the aquifer. This can disperse into a wider area and make the water unsafe for people and animals.

Surface Water Quality

Surface water consists of bodies of water like rivers, lakes, swamps, creeks, and lagoons. If there is a water feature on the property you are buying, having a phase 1 environmental site assessment is an important measure. Coming into contact with contaminated surface water is dangerous for yourself, your children, and your pets.

A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Finds Risks to Neighboring Properties

If a property is contaminated, it poses risks to neighboring properties and you could become liable as the owner. To protect yourself, it is best to have this inspection performed and any problems dealt with before assuming ownership of the land.

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