The transition to warmer months means your deck requires some attention. One of the first things to check on is the deck’s condition. Performing maintenance will help it last longer. There are several things to look out for that can cause your deck to wear out: the weight of furniture, the severity of the weather in your region, insect infestation, the age of your deck, and lack of routine maintenance. Here are five ways to prepare your deck for spring. 

Inspect the Deck

Rotting planks naturally deteriorate. When wood is consistently wet, the moisture causes fungi to grow. Not only is it hazardous, but you may not see it happening. As you prepare your deck for spring, pay attention to musty smells, excess moisture, protruding nails and screws, and loose railings and balusters. 

Preventative Care for Preparing Your Deck for Spring

If a part of your deck is rotting, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to tear it all down. Remove the rotting areas and replace them with new materials. Hire professionals if necessary. There are many products to protect your deck from pests, moisture, and extreme temperatures going forward.


Sealing wood protects against rot, mold, moisture, and pests. There are solid, semitransparent, and clear sealant options. Prep your deck by cleaning off dirt and sanding down the wood. Most decks need to be re-sealed every year or two. 

Preparing Your Deck for Spring With Wood Filler

Wood filler is a paste used for filling holes and smoothing over defects in wood. You can either both water-based or chemical solvents. If using wood filler for the first time, practice on a piece of scrap wood. 


To properly prepare your deck for spring, a bit of routine cleaning is in order. For extensive cleaning jobs, a deck cleaner removes mildew, nail stains, algae, and dirt. Pressure wash the surface to get rid of stubborn dirt and mold. 

By inspecting, fixing, sealing, and cleaning your deck, it’ll be ready for use when the warmer months hit.

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