Hurricanes, flooding, and strong winds can cause substantial damage to your property and personal belongings. However, being ready for bad weather can minimize damage and keep your family safe. Use these tips to prepare your home for hurricane season.

Make an Evacuation Plan to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

If the local authorities in your area advise it, you will need to evacuate your property. An evacuation plan is integral to preparing your home for hurricane season.

Determine a safe place where you and your family can take refuge from strong winds and rain. Decide on the location, the things you plan on taking, and how you will get there. Include your pets in the plan; leaving them alone during a hurricane is unsafe.

Review Your Homeowners Insurance

Take time to research what your homeowners policy covers before the hurricane season. While most insurance policies cover hurricane damage, it is always best to verify coverage to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Some policies include exclusions, meaning you’ll need to purchase separate policies or endorsements to receive storm coverage. Review your policy to make sure your home and belongings are insured before bad weather arrives.

Prevent Flooding

Flooding is a common problem during a hurricane. Prevent or minimize water damage by placing sandbags around the home’s perimeter. Sandbags help to slow the rising water from entering your home.

Unplug or shut off electrical appliances to prevent damage and decrease fire hazards. Remove any rugs or carpeting on the lower levels to avoid mold and mildew that may form if water enters your house.

Reinforce the Roof

Protect your roof from hurricanes and the damage they can cause. Start by scheduling an evaluation with a professional. Having an expert inspect the structure and materials may discover issues that a storm will worsen. The inspector will also inform you how to reinforce the roof to support it through a hurricane.

Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season by Securing Outdoor Furniture

Bring patio furniture inside before the storm. Furniture that strong winds can lift will become projectiles and may cause significant damage to your home or other homes in the neighborhood. 

Store children’s toys, patio furniture, and potted plants in the garage or basement when bad weather is predicted. If there are items you cannot bring indoors, anchor them to the ground.

Don’t wait until a storm warning or watch is issued to start making preparation. Start taking precautions before hurricane season begins to mitigate damage and feel ready for any hurricane emergency.

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