Are you buying a manufactured or mobile home in Florida? Have you qualified for an FHA or VA loan? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you will need to schedule an engineer-certified tie down inspection. This process may seem overwhelming, but this article will help you understand what this inspection entails.

What Does a Tie Down Inspection Look For?

The tie downs of a manufactured or mobile home are crucial for protecting the structure and keeping it secured to the foundation during storms. Different types of mobile and manufactured homes have different regulations for tie downs. A tie down inspection verifies that the straps and anchors have been properly installed and meet the requirements.

Your Lender May Require One

If your home purchase is being financed through an FHA or VA loan, the lender needs to know that the structure is placed on a permanent foundation and is equipped with the proper mechanisms to protect it during heavy winds. A tie down inspection needs to be performed by a licensed engineer who has been trained and certified to assess these components of mobile and manufactured homes.

Schedule This Service With a Qualified Home Inspector

The best way to schedule this service is to find a qualified home inspection company that offers this service as an add-on to a complete home inspection. If you are purchasing a new home, you should have an inspection done of the entire house regardless of how you are getting your financing. By adding a tie down inspection to your home inspection, you can save time by having them done all at once. Adding this service to your home inspection will usually be a flat fee, as opposed to paying an engineer by the hour. This way, you can easily and affordably get the documentation you need to satisfy your lender and finalize your purchase.

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