Trees help reduce energy costs, add beauty, and provide shade to the yard. Of course, like any part of your home, trees require care. Here are some important things you should do for tree maintenance.

Quality Tools are Helpful for Tree Maintenance

You may already have tools that you think you can use for tree maintenance, but your basic hand saw shouldn’t be used to remove a tree limb. Standard carpentry and woodworking tools can cause damage to living trees.

To maintain your trees properly, purchase a quality pruning saw and a handheld pole pruner, and keep both tools sharp and in good condition. You’ll make cleaner cuts that will allow the tree to heal faster and stay healthy.

Mulching Properly

For a tree, mulch serves two major purposes. First, it helps to retain moisture around the base of the trunk. The mulch shields the ground better than a simple covering of grass. This is especially important for young trees that need support as their root systems become established. Mulch also eliminates the need for mowing and trimming near the trunk.

However, mulching can be done incorrectly. It should never be mounded up against the trunk. This holds moisture and insects against the bark, leading to disease and damage. Keep the mulch at least 2 to 4 inches from the trunk, extending out in a circle around the tree.

Tree Maintenance Includes Removing Problem Branches

Trim back dead or diseased tree branches that hang over the house, cross a property line, or are above the driveway. Removing limbs is not as simple as trimming shrubs or mowing the grass. It will require specialized tools and protective equipment like goggles and leather gloves.

If you decide to remove the branches yourself, have a friend or family member help you. Never use a chainsaw while standing on a ladder. If the limb is too high for you to reach safely, hire a tree trimming service to take care of your tree maintenance.

Don’t Forget the Roots

Don’t forget about the roots of your trees when planting flower beds, installing water lines, or building walkways. Damage to the roots will eventually harm the whole tree, so it’s important to take care of the roots.

As a rule, the roots of a tree extend out as far as the limbs. When you’re within this area, known as the drip line, be careful not to dig too deeply. If you do encounter roots, look for ways to move forward around them without damaging the tree.

Proper tree maintenance will help your trees remain beautiful and healthy for years to come.

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