Insulation Removal

Attic Insulation Removal

Don’t Let Defective Insulation Be a Detriment to Your Living Space

Once it’s determined that the insulation in a home’s attic is damaged, defective, or otherwise not up to standard, the last thing you want to do in the vast majority of cases is install new insulation over top of the old. Keeping bad insulation can cause a domino effect of issues that detract from the overall condition of a living space, making replacement the most sensible option. Our team of professionals is experienced in removing insulation the right way, using state-of-the-art equipment, and following a strict procedure that enables us to do the job safely, efficiently, and effectively.

How We Help Protect Your Home


Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

If attic insulation has become inundated with moisture, debris, pests, or allergens, it will prove problematic for the overall health of your home—and it’s highly recommended to bring in a professional to remove the insulation so that it can be properly replaced.



We use the Versa-Vac M1 from Meyer Contractor Solutions to cut through and dispose of insulating material—doing so cleanly, quickly, and completely so that the next steps can be taken to prepare for installing new product.

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Improved Air Quality

Once the old insulation is removed and the new material has been installed, you’ll enjoy a vastly improved living space—thanks to better airflow, greater energy efficiency, and restored indoor air quality.

For Homeowners and Building Professionals

We proudly serve both homeowners and the building professionals in need of our services. Whether your company’s focus is on mold, fire, or water remediation; we’ve got you covered. If you’re a general contractor, we’re also here standing by to relieve you from some of the workload. Removing insulation is messy business, but we’re equipped to do the job right—and we’re dedicated to making home improvement and renovation a great deal easier for all of our clients.

At Lakeland Home Inspection Service, we’re qualified professionals who specialize in removing substandard insulation from a home’s attic. Sometimes the material is simply too old—but often, it has become damaged by moisture, fire, debris from renovations, or pests such as rodents and termites. Whatever the case may be, if a professional recommends for you to have the insulation replaced, give us a call so that we can do our part to promote a healthier and more efficient living space.

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