With summer on the way, you may dream of a patio perfect for outdoor entertaining or relaxing after a long day. Whether starting from scratch or revamping your existing set-up, here are eight tips to help create relaxing outdoor spaces.

1. Choose the Right Furniture to Create Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

Invest in comfortable and durable furniture, like cushioned sofas, chairs, ottomans, and lounge chairs. Choose weather-resistant options or purchase covers to protect your patio furniture when it’s not in use.

2. Add Color

Brighten the deck, porch, or patio with colorful accents like cushions, rugs, pillows, curtains, or artwork. A few well-chosen accessories can completely transform the look of the space without breaking the bank.

3. Create Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces with Natural Elements

Bring nature into your space with potted flowers, hanging foliage such as vines or ivy, or a small water feature like a fountain or pond. Not only will a fountain add visual interest, but it will provide white noise to boost relaxation.

4. Improve the Lighting

Light up the patio with string lights hung from nearby trees or overhead beams, candles in lanterns on tables in seating areas, and solar stake lights in potted plants. Include lighting along pathways to boost visibility and safety once the sun goes down.

5. Include Shade to Create Relaxing Outdoor Living Spaces

Add shade to your outdoor living space by installing a patio umbrella over the table, hanging a sun shade, or building an arbor or trellis over the walkway. There are plenty of ways to create shade on the deck or patio. You’ll shelter your guests from the sun and make the space feel welcoming and cozy.

6. Making a Comfortable Space

Create an inviting atmosphere for conversations between friends and family members by adding comfortable floor pillows for extra seating options. A fire pit surrounded by chairs is another great way to bring people together and encourage friendly conversation.

7. Design Separate Spaces

Designate different areas within your patio using furniture placement, giving you room for activities such as dining outdoors or playing board games without feeling cramped in one spot.

8. Create a Mood

Add ambiance with music from speakers set around the area’s perimeter. Outdoor speakers are available for you to pair with music apps on your smartphone. Alternatively, use a Google Home hub or an Alexa speaker; you and your guests can request music using voice commands.

With these tips, you can design a relaxing and inviting patio that looks great while being functional and comfortable. There are limitless possibilities when creating an inviting outdoor living space.

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