You may think that your home is as safe as it can be because you have smoke detectors, sturdy locks, and a first-aid kit. However, there are more home safety essentials that many homeowners don’t have in their homes. Use this list to stock up on items that will boost home safety in a variety of emergency situations.

Fire Extinguishers are Home Safety Essentials

Fire extinguishers are required in most commercial buildings, but they are not always kept in homes. There are a few key locations to place a fire extinguisher. The most important is in the kitchen because it is where most house fires start. It’s also a good idea to keep one in the garage and bring it with you anytime you grill or have an outdoor fire.

If you have a fireplace, keep a fire extinguisher in that room too. There are different classes of fire extinguishers that are labeled A, B, C, or D based on the type of fire they are best equipped to put out. Make sure that you buy fire extinguishers that are suitable for the area where they may be used.

Smart Locks

If you travel often and have people look after your house, smart locks are a worthy investment. When you hide a key outside or pass out your house key to petsitters, you are putting your property in a vulnerable position. With smart locks, you have total control over who can access your home because you can lock and unlock the doors remotely and reset the combination from anywhere.

Fire Ladders

In the event of a fire, there should be two ways to exit every room in case one is blocked. If your home is more than one story high, you’ll need ladders to climb out of a window. Most escape ladders attach to the window sill and are rolled down to reach the ground. Teach everyone in the family how to use the ladders and do a practice run.

Home Safety Essentials Include Motion-Sensor Lights

Exterior motion-sensor lights make the outside of your property safer for anyone coming or going after dark. Install them to illuminate pathways, steps, and the driveway. When people can see, they are less likely to fall and hurt themselves. Motion-sensor lights will also protect your home from burglars by scaring them away when they turn on.

Extra Batteries

Always keep a stockpile of all kinds of batteries. In case of a power outage, you’ll need them to power flashlights. Also, make sure you have at least one portable cell phone charger so you never have to worry about your phone dying and losing your line of communication.

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